Friday, 21 February 2014

THE DESTRUCTION OF JERUSALEM: It's their aim and it MUST NOT happen

"No Palestinian state without east Jerusalem as its capital" 

The sentiments of the PA.

OK people let's be frank, these talks aren't about peace, they're not about trying to resolve the problems of the Middle East; instead it all about John Kerry bending over backwards, like he's doing with Iran, to appease an ideology of hate. It's about Jew hatred and it's about wiping Israel off the map. 

Obama and John Kerry are helping this happen .

Jerusalem IS the Jewish capital. The evidence is there historically, biblically, in Jewish and Christian script and even in archaeologically proven, yet the PA just won't have it. 

The PA, Abbas and the whole Palestinian cause couldn't give a damn for Jerusalem, in reality means nothing to them, if it did Muslim Arabs would use the area of Temple Mount as a football pitch and they certainly wouldn't riot there.

The Muslim Arabs want Jerusalem for one reason and one reason only: Because it will help contribute to the destruction of Judaism; plain and simple, their life long dream, the goal of their existance. 

Their dream was shattered in 1917 when the Turks of the Ottoman Empire were driven out of the holy city by the British and now that dream has resurfaced in these new peace talks. 

The coming of Obama opened up many doors for the Islamist dream and one of those doors opened up to the falling of Jerusalem and it's conquest by the Islamist hordes. 

Jerusalem is the key and they know it, which is why they it so bad. The 'Palestinian state' 'settlements' and negotiation over land is to their benefit, yes, but the big prize is the holy city. They know that to capture it will spell the heralding of everything they've fought for, everything they've dreamed of and everything that's been pumped into them from birth.

If Jerusalem falls civilisation is doomed as well as Judaism as a religion. The whole Jewish religion, everything it stands for will eventually crumble if Jerusalem falls and with it Christianity. 

Jerusalem is the spiritual embodiment of the Jewish people and without it will be like for Islam to lose Mecca. The only victor in Jerusalem falling will be Islam and the only thing Israel will get out of Kerry's 'peace deal' will be the eventual destruction of the Jewish State.

This we must not let happen, not just for Israel's sake but the sake of humanity. 

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