Monday, 3 February 2014

Abbas now wants to be 'Occupied' : is this guy on drugs?

Here's an interesting development:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has suggested that a US-led NATO force remain in the West Bank and east Jerusalem in a future Palestinian state in order to ensure Israel's security.

Hang on, we thought, or have been told, that it's all about 'occupation' and not anti Semitism? But surely then if they're being 'occupied' at present then allowing NATO troops there would in effect be swapping one 'occupying' force for another? 

This anti Semite hate monger has proven that it's not about 'occupation' but more about his and his fellow PA Authorities inbred hatred of Jews. If this were not so and he genuinely believed it was about 'occupation' despite the FACT that it's Jewish land being disputed, he wouldn't want ANY 'foreign' power there as 'occupiers.'

The PA president said that the NATO force can stay "for a long time, and wherever they want, not only on the eastern borders but also on the western borders, everywhere ... For a long time, for the time they wish. NATO can be everywhere, why not?” he stated.

Following the withdrawal of Israeli forces, Abbas said that they should be replaced indefinitely by the NATO troops, who would secure the area along with Palestinian security forces and police. 

He states this because he knows his own shabby and third rate security would in no way be able to secure any possible future 'Palestinian' state. 

He's so insecure about his own authority that he is now requesting to be 'occupied.' 

If this wasn't real it could be a clip from a comedy.

The idiot Abbas then goes on to state:

"The Israelis are occupiers and they want to stay forever. When they say they want to stay for 40 years, it means they will not go out from our territory.”

But then this idiot requests to be 'occupied' by NATO troops compromising of armies from many nations. 

We're wondering if Abbas will want these NATO troops vetted to make sure none are Jewish? 

Is he on drugs? 

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